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Guangxi New Times Logistics Service Co., LTD., a Guangxi subsidiary of Yili Logistics Group, was established in 2017 with a registered capital of 10 million。It is a freight forwarding company specializing in domestic coastal container business。 The company is committed to opening up the domestic coastal port business at the same time, with the port as the radiation point, the business scope extends to all parts of the country, the business scope involves 30 provinces, municipalities and regions。Has been adhering to the principle of "people-oriented" and "brand casting", relying on the logistics platform resources of Guangzhou Group headquarters, combined with logistics resources such as sea transportation, land transportation, warehousing, and cargo distribution, to provide customers with quality full service。In addition, the company maintains good cooperative relations with various shipping companies, such as CoSCO Sea, Zhonggu Xinliang, Trade Wind Shipping, Antong, Junan, etc., to ensure the high efficiency of customer cargo delivery。

Domestic shipping container door to door business:

Ceramics, furniture, electrical appliances, electronic products, floor tiles, ceramic raw materials, plastics, tires, waste plastics, plastic particles, hardware, waste hardware, tinplate, iron powder, glass, food, beverages, daily necessities, condiments, feed, paper, wood, stone, building materials, product accessories, industrial products, raw materials and other non-dangerous domestic shipping container transport services。

Our company operates domestic trade ports as follows (transporting goods between any two ports and their surrounding cities) : Huangpu Port, Guangzhou;Qinzhou Port in Guangxi,Haikou Port, Xiuying Port, Hainan;Shekou Port and Yantian Port in Shenzhen;Zhuhai Port, Nansha Port;Fujian Quanzhou Port, Xiamen Port, Fuzhou Port;Zhejiang Wenzhou Port, Ningbo Port, Zhapu port;Taicang Port, Jiangyin Port, Changzhou Port, Nantong Port, Zhangjiagang Port, Yangzhou Port, Nanjing Port, Hefei, Lianyungang Port;Wuhan Port, Hubei Province;Qingdao Port, Yantai Port, Rizhao Port;Tianjin Port;Northeast Yingkou Port, Dalian Port, Jinzhou port, Dandong Port,Port of Shanghai,Taicang et al。 Inland barge ports: Zhongshan Port, Xinhui Port, Foshan Shiwan, Xiaotang, Sanshui, Gaoming, Xinhui, Fangcun, Zhaoqing, Shundelliu;Guangxi Wuzhou, Fangcheng port, Beihai Port, Guigang and so on。

Box type, load and charge:

20GP (small cabinet) = 5.98×2.35×2.38=33.44 cubic meters, about 28 tons (for heavy cargo)

40GP (flat cabinet) =12.03×2.35×2.38=67.28 cubic meters, approx. 26 tons (for light cargo)

40HQ (high cabinet) =12.03×2.35×2.68=75.76 cubic meters, approx. 26 tons (for bulked goods)

Billing method (door to door) : loading towing fee + sea freight (including dock fee) + delivery towing fee

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